Case Studies
Explore our revolutionary case studies showcasing the transformative impact of innovative solutions. Rove Loop App is reshaping the travel industry, while Regul8 is pioneering the regulation of product life cycle. Additionally, VocalPanda is bridging hiring gaps, connecting job seekers and employers seamlessly. These groundbreaking solutions redefine industries, enhancing efficiency, and fostering meaningful connections. Delve into how our innovations drive progress and reshape user experiences
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AI Driven PLM.
Dhuni introduced Regul8 product life management(PLM) software for food and supplement formulation, recipe development, labeling, nutritional analysis, and regulatory compliance.
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Bridging Hiring Gaps.
An AI-based job portal site, VocalPanda focuses on the digital recruitment process where an employee discovers numerous job opportunities and an employer find the best candidate by eyeing their profile
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Mobility Redefined.
On-demand flat rate local rides - Roveloop is the latest app-based ride-sharing service that utilizes moderate speed, eco-friendly vehicles to provide flat-rate transportation to users moving within a 2-mile radius of a central location

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