Our Work

Our top-notch engineers undergo a rigorous selection process to
provide first-class data intelligence solutions to our customers.

What We Do

Dhuni empowers small and medium sized enterprises by helping them identify gaps in their business. We then derive automated solutions to improve their business process by mitigating risk and increasing productivity.

Natural Language Processing is in our DNA, and we are developing products and solutions that leverage structured and unstructured information.

Risk Automation


Any intelligence solution requires massive amount of data gathering from public and private sources. This information is locked in structured and unstructured formats. We apply various automation techniques to streamline the data gathering and refinement process.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solution

Every business is unique and needs custom solutions to tackle gaps in their business. We leverage artificial intelligence tools and techniques to build solutions that are highly efficient and relevant to our clients’ business.

Risk Intelligence


The final outcome of our end-to-end solution is an intelligent system that can assist small and medium sized enterprise customers identify business and performance risks and provide insights to mitigate such risks in a data driven approach.


We employ a mix of state-of the art artificial intelligence tools and
technology to develop our products and solutions.