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RoveLoop.  Mobility Redefined.
On-demand flat rate local rides - Roveloop is the latest app-based ride-sharing service that utilizes moderate speed, eco-friendly vehicles to provide flat-rate transportation to users moving within a 2-mile radius of a central location.
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Here, you simply order a ride, and your driver will arrive in minutes to take you to your desired location. Roveloop is the future of tiny mobility, with seating for up to 5 passengers, a new fleet of electric vehicles, and unbeatable costs. Sag Harbor, Montauk, and Southampton are the current three zones where Roveloop is currently available.
Satisfying Solution
Request pickup anytime, anywhere
The rider can send requests anytime when he/she wants to go for a trip under a certain zone by adding their drop-off location. As a result, the app will show a flat rate of that place, and the driver access rider as soon as possible in their given time.
The entirely electric fleet of vehicles
Vehicles that run entirely on electric battery power are included.
Share with friends with 5 available seats
Roveloop helps passengers to share their rides with their friends with a single request.
Cost-effective on-demand local private rides
Trip costs of on-demand rides, Roveloop are comparatively cheaper than driving a private car or riding in traditional cabs.
Built-in messaging system
The in-app chat tool allows riders and drivers to connect quickly.
Substantial Benefits
Transparent pricing
The rider can know the estimated flat rate before booking a Roveloop.
Live to track
The live tracking feature is available in Roveloop that gives the customer an ETA(estimated time of arrival) of the vehicle they've booked. It allows them to share their location with their close ones during travel.
Cashless Payment options
Riders can pay their fares without using cash, they can pay via debit or credit cards. This improves the ride by avoiding the need for the rider to carry cash the entire time.
Courteous drivers
Roveloop drivers are really friendly and you can even rate your driver through the app. As no one wants a bad rating, and this will generally keep the drivers in control.
The component structure used in the development of Roveloop
Passenger app
There are easy and quick login and registration sections where users can signup with their name, email, phone number, and password as riders. Also, other various sections involved such as payment, promo code, ride history, and, the help section contain necessary elements such as FAQs, a guide to the app, terms, and conditions, etc.
Driver app
There's a login and registration part for the drivers as well as a profile section where they can update, change, modify their information similar to the passenger app along with the setting menu for drivers that allows them to define their preferences for accepting ride requests based on location, distances, passenger rating and another factor. When a passenger approves a trip request, the driver receives a full-screen notification of the request and is given 20 seconds to accept or reject it.
Driver portal
The portal was created to allow drivers to submit all of the required documents for verification. The security of all papers is checked automatically. After verification, the driver is given access to the account and can be using it. The driver portal lists all of the deals and promo codes available to drivers.
Admin panel
Roveloop has an admin panel for the owner, who is in charge of the entire application. The panel contains all of the features, functions, and settings required to use the software. The app managers may view all of the app's facts and numbers on the admin interface, including total rides, total revenue, transactions, number of canceled rides, total passengers and drivers registered, and so on.
The Challenge
Only available on iOS
The android users are unable to use the Roveloop app as a result there will be a small number of people using Roveloop.
Only available in three zones
Roveloop is not a widespread app available in only three zones of the United States of America so the app is targeted only at certain users of a certain area.
Growing competition
There are numerous ride-sharing apps and among them, Uber and Lyft are popular two which makes it difficult for Roveloop to successfully expand.
Autonomous Vehicles
Many individuals see a future in which autonomous vehicles transport people and deliver groceries, fast food, and packages directly to people's homes so Roveloop's business may be turned upside down in near future.

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