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Manufacturing is a process driven sector that produces unstructured information at each step of the process. Mismanaged handling of information raises compliance risk with potential legal consequences. We help manufacturers manage their data and risk intelligence at every step.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain companies thrive on exchange of information. From manufacturers to suppliers, a trail of information is created. When such information is not managed properly, there is a risk of undelivered goods and financial loss. We help companies manage their trail of information.

B2B Finance

The final outcome of our end to end solution is an intelligent system that can assist small & medium sized enterprise customers identify business and performance risk and provide insights to mitigate such risks in a data driven approach.

Our Approach

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Deploy

When we approach a custom solutions development, our analyst team does a detailed requirement elicitation with our customers.

Once the requirement has been written down, we do both formal and automated inspection process to identify any gaps in the requirement before signing off on the project.


We know we are a visual being and design thinking on any project matters a lot to us. However, we like to keep things efficient, yet, look 2-3 years in the future and see how a solution evolves.

Keeping both efficiency and future scalability in mind, we implement component based frontend architecture so that they can be reused in the future.

Component Based Architecture

An intelligent application requires massive computing resources which most small and medium sized enterprise cannot afford. Hence, we develop our solution to be very cost efficient by going serverless.

We deploy our analytics and AI solutions as a FaaS architecture so that we utilize the computing resources only when needed to save cloud infrastructure costs for our customers.

Serverless Deployment