Case Studies
D&H Group
Dhuni introduced D&H product life management(PLM) software for food and supplement formulation, recipe development, labeling, nutritional analysis, and regulatory compliance. Our objective is to use software, services, and nutritional databases to help the food, beverage, and supplement sectors simplify their product development process. The crucial formulation management capabilities are already baked into D & H software for food and beverage, providing both internal teams and third-party stakeholders with a centralized data hub packed with real-time visibility, instantaneous communication, and streamlined collaboration, regardless of whether they’re two doors down or two time zones away.
An AI-based job portal site, VocalPanda focuses on the digital recruitment process where an employee discovers numerous job opportunities and an employer find the best candidate by eyeing their profile. VocalPanda develops the system with the integration of Natural language processing and Machine learning to provide an excellent experience to job seekers and job providers. VocalPanda offers a customizable domain for both parties where they can use the features in their way freely.
On-demand flat rate local rides - Roveloop is the latest app-based ride-sharing service that utilizes moderate speed, eco-friendly vehicles to provide flat-rate transportation to users moving within a 2-mile radius of a central location. Here, you simply order a ride, and your driver will arrive in minutes to take you to your desired location. Roveloop is the future of tiny mobility, with seating for up to 5 passengers, a new fleet of electric vehicles, and unbeatable costs. Sag Harbor, Montauk, and Southampton are the current three zones where Roveloop is currently available.
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