Who We Are
We are a team associated globally with providing real-world software solutions. Dhuni wants to learn about your obstacles and collaborate with you to develop a strategy. We’re here to serve you in customizing AI platforms and developing solutions to help you to achieve your goals faster.
Our Mission
Dhuni aims to combine top-notch engineers with AI technology and tools to deliver scalable, end-to-end deployment services for any business to run smoothly. With two global offices and a growing team of technical experts, we are providing an unparalleled innovation experience to our clients.
Our Vision
We imagine a technologically embedded world in which everyone can make the best decision based on reliable data. We are eagerly waiting to transform any business using artificial intelligence through the power of unique and intelligent solutions.
Technologies we choose
There are a set of technologies that a Dhuni uses to create and maintain an application or project. Dhuni considers a tech stack as a solution stack that is made up of programming languages, frameworks, a database, front-end and back-end tools, and API-connected applications.
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